Ainamuoti Ear Muffs Boucle

Keep your ears warm!

Ear flaps with bouckle fabric. Beautiful floral or bow decoration (pictured) with one ear. Durable…

Ainamuoti Earflaps Fauxfur Fox

Affordable good quality earflaps. Made of fox fauxfur.

Handmade in Tampere, Finland.


Ainamuoti Earflaps Lamb Snowtop

Warm to your ears. The earflaps are made of genuine environmentally friendly and durable sheep fur.

Inside durable metal…

Earbags Fake Fur

Imitate fur earbags.

Size M 
white and brown…


Convenient ear protection for women and men. Material Fleese.
Click on the picture and You see earbags User's Manual.

Fleece Ear Flaps

Fleece ear flaps for women and men.…

Ainamuoti Mink Ear Bags

Lovely mink fur ear protectors. Great gift idea.

Handmade in Tampere, Finland.…

Ainamuoti Sheep Ear Lap

Heat to your ears. Sheep fur.

Colours: black, white, dark brown, blue, red and grey

Handmade in Tampere,…

Ainamuoti Mink Imitation Ear Lap

Fake furl earflaps. Great protectors for ears. 

Handmade in Tampere, Finland.

Colours: black, dark brown and light brown…

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