Kopka Roll Up Beret Cashmere

Soft Roll Up Beret with rolling edge bears more volume than the straight beanie. 

Material: 100% cashmere. Cashmere is…

Kopka Classical Basque XL

100% Pure Merino Wool This is a larger beret with diameter 12.5″ !  

color options: red, fuchsia, yellow (gold), petrol, black,…

Kopka Classical Beret

100% Pure Merino Wool THE classic beret, which does not need a lot of explanation. For larger heads you can easily…

Willi Kosmina Flower Beret

Woolmark basque with flower decoration.

Made in EU.

One Size (56-58cm)…

Willi Nonas

Colours: red, brown, white and wine red

Material: 100% wool, polyester fleece lining.…

Willi Witta

Basque cap 100% pure new wool.

Made in EU.…

Kopka Ringed Roll Up beret

Knitted Roll Up beret with black stripes. 

Colours: off white and wine red

Material: 100% merino wool…

Willi Finea

Lovely fashion beret.

One Size (55-58cm)

Material: Woolmark 100% wool

Made in Poland…

Laulhere Alexandra

Beautiful more modified French beret. The Basker has a simple beautiful floral decoration and a decorative needle.

Color options:…

Laulhere Eranis

Impressive unique beret. Nice cheerful two-tone in the Beret.

Color options: black, gray, brown, burgundy and red


Laulhere Fizz

High quality, French, personal beret with a nice knot decoration.

Color options: red, fuchsia, burgundy, purple

One Size…

Willi Mestr

Beret hat without wool. Modern model. Made in Poland.

Color options: grey and brown

One Size (56-59cm)

Kopka Beret Cheetah

Knitted beret with animal pattern. The patterns of these wool baskers were not achieved simply by printing them on the…

Laulhére Basque Parisienne

Beautiful high quality beret. Elastic rib gives beautiful fit and is comfortable in use. Beret diameter about 28 cm (number 10).



Beret size about 56 - 58.

Colours: brown and green…

Willi Penita

Beautiful beret-style wool headpiece with rich floral decoration and a bit of glitter. Very feminine and high quality model. Comfortable…

Willi Tres

Fashion beret from Poland. Woolmark-material. 

Only fuchsia available
One Size (55-57cm)…

H&S Beret ASPE 11

Quality Beret from France.

Diameter 11"…

Kangol Beret 28

The diameter of this Kangol Beret is 28 cm. Material 100% wool.

Kangol beret 30

Kangol beret 12" 100% wool. 

Colour options: red, grey, blue and orange…

Laulhére Giga Basque

Beret 100% wool. Diameter 33 cm.

Size XL …

H&S Pill Beret 1213

Nice wool blend hat from Italy.

Colour options: blue, black and red

Material: 80% wool and 80% polyester,…

Laulhére Paris 27

French beret, diameter 27 cm.

Material 100% merino wool

Colour options: dark blue, natural white and (light) peach…

KN Nasta

Basque wool cap in 100% new wool.
The size of the cap is about 57-58.

KN Vuokko

Fashionable beret, color light beige…

KN Felicia

Soft knitted beret with visor.

One size (approx. 56-58cm)

Material 46% polyacryl, 30% wool, 24% polyester

KN Jennifer

Wool beret with vizor

Material: 100% new wool

Colour options: beige 

Size about 55-58cm

Nene Beret

Felt Beret with bow decoration in felt or velvet.…

Ainamuoti Basque Grande

Grande Basque

100% polyester
cotton-polyester linning

Made in Finland…

Ainamuoti Beret Arja

Beautiful bow beret. Made in Finland…

Ainamuoti Beret Wool

Classic beret with wide size range.…

Love it

A beret made in Finland as a milliner work, with skill and style. The fine cut and stunning decoration complete…

Nene Beret Flower

Wool felt beret with flower decoration. Size of the decoration varies slightly between different colours.

Material: 100% wool…

Ainamuoti Beret Alice

Hand crocheted beret in wool blend.

Made in Tampere, Finland.

Color options: black, brown and heather…

Ainamuoti Beret Auli

Hand crocheted beret with beautiful lace pattern. Warm fleece lining.

Made in Tampere, Finland.

Colour options: lilac (size…

Ainamuoti Beret Ruska

Hand crocheted beret with lovely decoration.

Unique product, only one available (size M)…

Ainamuoti Cap Beret Leila

Hand crocheted cap beret in wool. Warm lining inside.

Handmade in Tampere, Finland.

Colour options: natural white (M),…

Seeberger Adele Big Beret

Wide voluminous cotton beret. Made of 100% cotton. …

KN Sahrami

Light cotton beret decorated with a delicate lace flower.

100% cotton…

KN Salama

Soft, lightweight cotton beret without lining.

Elastic size, approx. 56-59 cm

Colour options: black, natural white, blue and…

Ainamuoti Cotton Beret Anneli

Handmade cotton beret.

Made in Tampere, Finland.


Ainamuoti Cotton Beret Kerttuli

Crocheted cotton beret.

Handmade in Tampere, Finland.


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