Ainamuoti Hood Fake Fox

Hood with linning and with fluffy fake fur.

Fake fur by your choice; black, grey or brown.


Ainamuoti Hood Fake Mink

A good warm wool blend hood with fake fur. 

Made in Tampere, Finland.…

Fiebig Angora Headband

Warm knitted angora headband.

Material: 70% angora, 20% wool and 10% polyamid
Comfortable lining: 100% acrylic…

KN Hood Teddy

Good-looking hood with fake fur.

Material: 80% wool and 20% polyester
Linnin: 80% cotton and 20% polyester


Kopka wool Bandeau

This tubular headpiece can be worn around the head or around the neck – you decide! There are many ways…

Seeberger Wool Headband

Lightweight wool collar made of 100% natural fiber. Pleasantly warm, soft and tournament.

One Size (certainly fits well up…

Seeberger Wool Headband

Comfortable Headband with fleece linning. 

Color options: grey, off-white, terra and green

Material: 32% wool, 24% alpaca, 24%…

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