Hat care


Ecua-Andino as well as and Montecristi Panama hats care instructions:
All hand-woven Panama hats are made of palm - fiber (100% Toquilla fiber (palmata carludovica) which is a genuine natural fiber and the original Panama hat material. These high quality hats are stable and have a long durability.
- Although the material is flexible and soft, it may break the hard shot, or widely used, especially if the material becomes a sharp crease.
- Do not store panamahattuasi too dry, because dry fibers can break more easily. To avoid this, you can keep your hat in the room with high humidity (eg. Bathroom, etc., Instead of eg. In the vicinity of a radiator.)
- Panama hat is an excellent summer / heat headdress and is not intended to be worn in the rain. exposed to water soaked Panama Hat can lose its shape.
- Stains can be wiped off the damp cloth lightly moistened with a mild soap.
- White Fino AA - rating, the best models are capable of rolling up. But the rolls but only for a short period eg. during transport. Being rolled for longer time period Panama Hat can lose a beautiful shape.

Roll the Panama Your hat like this:
1. Place one hand on the hat and round the hat dome shape up.
2. Fold the hat gently flattening.
3. Roll the hat.


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Sinamay- hats (eg, party hats) care and storage instructions:

- be protected from rain
- Sinamay-fiber is a natural material which is processed and cured using non-toxic water-soluble substances. As a result, the material can not withstand water.

- In order for a beautiful party hat stays in an elegant model, for many years, the hat should be kept so that it is not lying on its brim. It is good to place for something inside hat, for example cardboard cone which carries a light weight of the hat.
- The most ideal way to store the hat is to wrap it in a cardboard box, not a plastic bag.