Information about Materials


Furfelt is a skillfully made material made from straight animal hair, mostly rabbit or beaver hair. The surface structure of the soft one is smoother and not like a felt made of rough and fluffier hair. It is not surprising that the material is pleasant on the skin, so it is suitable for making high-quality hats. The fine elegance of the fur felt comes out in both classic and trendy hat models.

VitaFelt is Stetson's exclusive premium material made from 100% selected wool from young sheep. VitaFelt is a very high-quality material. Quality used as comfort and durability. VitaFelt is light, rollable and pleasantly soft. The VitaFelt felt also reliably repels water, so it is suitable for field and outdoor hats of various shapes.

Wool felt is an attractive material with many advantages. this 10% sheep wool material is easy to cut and fits. Wool felt is something like a personal blanket rather than a service hair blanket. The insulation properties of wool felt are good against cold and also heat. The wool blanket is also skin-friendly and breathable, yet tear-resistant and durable. In the previous direction, the quality of the wool blankets has improved. Simply put, it is a material for making headwear. For headgear made of wool felt, it is worth noting that the size of the headgear can shrink when the material repeatedly gets wet and then dries again. Because of this feature, it is always preferable to choose a larger size option, rather than a tight one.

Cashmere is a luxurious material derived from the wool of the cashmere goat. First of all, the quality and the first brilliant feature of the valuable cashmere wool is its soft feel. The smooth surface is caressingly soft against the skin, which allows many people with wool allergies to use cashmere without problems. The material is also inspired by its other properties; it protects and reliably repels dirt, odors and water - from anything to e.g. berets and other headgear and scarves.

Wool from the hairs spun from the fur of service mammals. Soft fibers come mostly from sheep, but also from goats. This renewable raw material was already harvested in Mesopotamia in the 4th millennium BC. and now it is produced in about 100 countries around the world. Wool is an antistatic and naturally dirt-repellent material. Wool as a material does not collect moisture, so it feels like it even in more humid conditions. Wool is characterized by its heat-regulating properties, it has an insulating effect and is therefore ideal for warm headwear.

Durable, robust and versatile - leather is exceptional in its adherence to numerous functional and visual properties. There are different types of natural materials - such as nubuck and suede leather, as well as smooth surface leather (made from the smooth side of animal skin.). each style has its own special atmosphere and appearance. Common to all types of leather are high adaptability, elasticity and comfortable breathability.

Silk is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. The natural continuous filament is from China, and is also produced in India and Japan. Silk is very strong and is characterized by its luster and wrinkle resistance. The light material offers high comfort, insulation and warmth and is therefore ideally suited as a material for Hats and caps.

Linen is a natural material made from the fibers of the flax plant. Flax was required in ancient Egypt and Greece to make clothes, and is now produced in China and France. Ecological natural fiber is characterized by its smoothness and breathability. In addition, its lint formation is very small. Linen has shelf and cooling properties, making it an easy material for summer hats.

Raffia straw is made from bamboo palm leaves wrapped around it. Most of it comes from Africa. This type of fiber is both robust, light and flexible, making it perfect for summer hats and caps. The raffia material combines traditional craftsmanship with summery, fresh design.

Straw and Toyo stand out above all because of their weight. This special lightness also affects the appearance of the material. Natural straw and industrially produced Toyo always have a summery and carefree look. The straw can be processed into dense or coarse nets. Different colors and widths certainly irregularities ensure that they are unique.