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Hat You Moro

Slightly narrower Newsboy cap made in Italy. Go great even in Peaky Blinders style.

Sizes: 57 and 59cm

Stetson Hatteras CO/PES 6841102

Hatteras CO/PES, colour brown.…

Stetson Hatteras EF 6840518

Hatteras model with ear laps. Color black / bees fishbone pattern.
Material 100% Virgin Wool. Lining in 100% cotton.…

Stetson Hatteras Harris Tweeds

Stunning blue coloured Harris Tweed Hatteras.

Material: 100% virgin wool
Lining: 51% polyester and 49% viscose

City Sport 120 Relax 3X 4368 red

Stylish Peaky Blinders cap with red colour

Material high quality Irish Donegal Tweed 100% wool…

City Sport 201 Relax 3X 4307 green

Wool cap with Peaky Blinders style. Made in Belgium…

City Sport Relax Peaky

Stylish Speaky Blinders type 8-piece cap. Made from high quality Harris tweed.

100% Virgin wool

Made in…

Stetson Hatteras EF 6840518-332

Stetson Hatteras with earlaps.…

Brixton Brood Cord Cap Bison

Casual Cap from Brixton. Cotton cord.

Sizes: S, M, L and XL…

Brixton Brood Cord Cap Blue

Casual Cap from Brixton.  Material: cotton

Sizes: S, M, L and XL…

Brixton Brood Cord Snap Cap rust

Relaxed cap from Brixton. Colour rust (amber).

Cotton cord, polyester lining


Brixton Brood Snap Cap brown/khaki

Good looking newsboy cap from Brixton. Herringbone pattern.

Lighteight material 95% polyester and 5% wool, lining 100% polyester…

Stetson Hatteras Wool 107 grey

Stetson Hatteras 

Material: 50% wool, 40% polyester 

Sizes: 55 - 63cm  …

City Sport 26-Relax 390-0541

Belgian City Sport's high-quality and good-looking slender cap with a smaller…

City Sport 26-Relax wine

Belgian City Sport's high-quality and good-looking slender cap with a smaller…

Stetson 8 panel cap 2

Stetso 8-panel wool cap…

Stetson 8-Panel Cap

Stetson 8-Panel Cap in Harris Tweed.

color options: brown…

Stetson 8-Panel Cap 2

Stetson Cap 

virgin wool 80% and polyamide 20%…

Stetson 8-Panel Cap 3

Stetso 8-panel cap wool…

Stetson Hatteras Knit Wool

Stetson Hatteras Cap with knitted 100% wool material.

Lining: 100% cotton

Stetson Hatteras Tweed Cap 333

Excellent tweed cap from Stetson. Popular Hatteras-model.

Sizes 56 and 57…

Stetson Hatteras Wool 6/32

Stetson Hatteras Wool 

Material: 100% wool, lining 100% cotton…

Stetson Hatteras Wool/Cashmere/Silk, blue

Stylish Hatteras cap from Stetson. High-quality material.

50% virgin wool, 30% silk and 20% cashmere

color blue Available sizes 55,…

Stetson Hatteras Woolrich Herringbone

Classic Stetson Hatteras Cap with high quality Woolrich material.

Material: 85% wool and 15% polyamide
pleasant lining: 100% cotton


Wigens Newsboy Contem Cap 101007

Newsboy Cap from Wigens.

Material: 76% wool, 12% polyamid, 8% silk and 6% linen

Sizes: 55, 56, 60…

Wigens Newsboy Contem Cap 101010

6-panel newsboy cap.

100% wool.…

Wigens Newsboy Slim Cap

Wigens Cap with earlaps.

Material: 100% wool

Color: olive green

Sizes: 56, 58, 63 and…

City Sport Relax 3X201 blue-gray

Fine Belgian cap with earlaps.

High-quality materials:
100% virgin wool, satin lining and inside earlaps fleese


City Sport Relax 3X201 brown-beige

Fine Belgian cap with earlaps.

High-quality materials:
100% virgin wool, satin lining and inside earlaps fleese 


City Sport Relax 3X201 brown-black

Fine Belgian cap with earlaps.

High-quality materials:
85% wool, 15% polyester 
satin lining and inside earlaps fleese


Fiebig Cap 42117

Tweed cap from Fiebig.

Black and Grey herringbone with a hint of blue and red yarn.
70% wool and 30%…

Stetson Hatteras PepperTweed 433

Warm Hatteras-Cap, genuine Stetson.…

Stetson Kennett

Narrower shaped Stetson cap.

Comfortable material:
43% cotton, 28% wool, 25% acryl and 4% polyester


Stetson Hatteras wool/cashmere/silk  brown

New stylish cap from Stetson!

A classic Hatteras in very pleasant and high quality material;
50% pure new wool, 30%…

Stetson Hatteras wool/cashmere/silk grey

Stylish new cap from Stetson!

A classic Hatteras now very pleasant and high quality material;
50% virgin wool, 30% silk…

City Sport Relax 207

 Cap with earlaps…

Gorrin Bros. Jonah

Lighter cap made ​​of polyester / cotton.…

Relax 206

 Cap with earlaps…

Stetson Hatteras Chevrette

Hatteras made of genuine soft leather. 

Stetson Hatteras Tweed Cap

The classic fabric in a good wider cap model. Stetson quality. A fresh design and relaxed fit.

Sizes 56 and 58…

Ainamuoti Henri wool

large woolen cap…

Ainamuoti Henri Light Wool

popular light wool cap…

City Sport Relax 201 black

A high-quality City Sport cap with earflaps. This comfortable and stylish hat is made from Loden fabric that is soft, warm,…

City Sport Relax Herringbone201

Classical cap with bigger style. Material high quality wool tweed.…

Stetson Hatteras Goatskin darkbrown

Popular Hatteras-Cap now available in high quality leather and in color dark brown. 


Fiebig Hannu Cap 42042

Slim and slender six panel cap.

Material: 70% wool, 20% polyester and 10% other fibers.
Lining: 50% wool and…

Ainamuoti Jaffa

Cap with extra large hood. 
Made in Finland Sizes: S, M, L, XL ja XXL…

Herringbone Cap

Herringbone cap…

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