Yes, you can exchange or return the products you have ordered. The exchange / refund must be made within 15 days of receipt of the shipment. (For example, for products ordered as Christmas gifts, of course, we are flexible.)

You will not be charged for the return by following the instructions below and sending the refund as soon as possible, and no later than 15 days after receiving the shipment.

NB! The product should be unused and clean. The product must be in a similar condition. Any product and price tags should still be attached to the product.

Do this:

Pack the products neatly in a transport-resistant package. It would be best to pack the product in the same package you received the shipment. To return the product to us for sale, the product must be packaged in an equally airy and papered format (note that there was support paper inside the headgear if it was received at the time of receipt.)

Attach a free-form statement to the broadcast.
The application must state:
 - Your name and order number
 - reason for exchange / return (so that we can serve you better in the future)
 - what product, color and size you would like to replace
 - If you return a product, remember to give us your account number,
    so that we can credit your account as soon as we receive your return for us to process.

If your order has been delivered to you by Post, please also send a customer return via Post. If your order has been delivered to you through Matkahuolto, you will be happy to send your customer return via Mail or, of course, Matkahuolto.

We will bear the shipping costs of replacement / return within 15 days of receipt and in accordance with these terms.


If you are returning products via Post, write the following on the package:

customer Return
customer return ID 625426 / Ainam Fashion
King Street 19 B 21

and / or indicate the contract code 625426 at the counter.

If there is other address information on the side of the package, tangle it. Remember to request a customer return receipt. Postal returns take 4-15 days for customer returns. We will process the return as soon as it is received by us.


The packing card will be taken care of by the courier and its offices for you. So do not write anything on the packaging. Tell your counter ID 9522075 at the counter. Matkahuolto will deliver returns for 1-4 days and will always receive a tracking ID on your return. Remember to request a receipt. We process the return as soon as we receive it.

Conditions for approving a refund

The product must be marketable. So it should be unused and neat. You can, of course, arrange the products at home in your own comfort, but they should be in the same condition as a "fitting cabin trip". If this is not the case, the product has a smell, is dirty, worn, worn, has lost its design or contains, for example, sweat, stains or a lot of animal hair, we are entitled not to pay full refund for the product.

Returned products for one order must be returned at one time as one customer return shipment. In the event that a customer makes successive refunds on one order, additional shipping charges will be charged in full.

Contact / unsubscribe notification

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help. You can reach us best by e-mail Be sure to include your name and order number if an existing order is involved. You can also call us at our Tampere store during opening hours on 03 2226843.


If the customer does not pick up the parcel delivered by mail / bus advance, the customer will no longer receive orders by mail / bus advance, but for example by paying the customer in advance by wire transfer.

The regular priced product can be replaced at no additional cost once. If the replacement product is returned, shipping costs will not be refunded.