Amanda Christensen Double Face Scarf 440013

Fine soft silk scarf, size 30x180cm. Grey on the other side.

Color options: black and blue


Amanda Christensen Scarf 440014

Soft high quality scarf from 100% pure new wool.

Size: approx. 183cm x 31cm + fringes


Amanda Christensen Scarf 440173

Checked soft scarf from 100% pure new wool. 

Size: approx. 182cm x 31cm + fringes…

Amanda Christensen Scarf 440294

Soft high quality paisley patterned scarf 100% pure new wool.

Size: approx. 192cm x 32cm + fringes…

Amanda Christensen Scarf 440301

Herringbone patterned striped scarf from 100% pure new wool.

Size: approx. 183cm x 32cm + fringes…

avi Scarf

High-quality knitted scarf. Lovely soft merino wool. 

60% merino wool and 40% polyacrylic


H&S Huivi Levanto

Light wool blend scarf with big stripes.

Material: 50% wool, 30% cotton, 15% polyamid and 5% other fibers…

H&S Huivi Nilo

A fashionable scarf from Italy. This pleasing soft scarf not include wool; material 100% acrylic.
Color options: blue, burgundy, light…

H&S Kitera Woolsilk Scarf

Light but warm tweed scarf. 75% wool, 15% polyamid and 10% silk.

Size 180 x 36 cm. Wash…

H&S Scarf Fausto

Checked scarf without wool. 

100% acrylic


H&S Scarf Kult

Checked scarf without wool.

Size: 29 x 180 cm

100% acryl…

HS Maxi-Scarf Fedora

Big size scarf. Fashionable and warm. Material soft 100% ackryl.

Color options: black, blue, red and burgundy 


HS Modal Scarf 26952

Stylish and light scarf from Italy.

Color options: grey, blue…

HS Scarf Bubles

Material: 40% modal, 35% polyester, 25% viscose

Size: 50cm x 184cm…

HS scarf Net 170101

French scarf. Knitted material soft and comfortable; 50% wool and 50% ackryl.

Size: 23 cm x 180 cm …

HS Scarf Rumba

Soft two-sided Italian scarf. The material is 100% acrylic. Color options: blue (gray), red (black), burgundy (red), brown (beige), gray (graphite),…

HS Scarf with

Lightweight soft scarf with fringes. The scarf has nice wrinkles here and there. The width of the scarf is good…

HS two-colored Scarf with wrinkles 2795

Lightweight soft scarf with fringes. One side of the scarf is one color and the other side has two shades.…

Kangol Stoli Faux Fur Set

Gorgeous set in grey-brown faux fur. 

Material: 55% acrylic and 45% chlorofibre, lining 100% polyester

Scarf size: app.…

KN Ania Poncho

A lovely and stylish poncho from Italy. Poncho is a fashionable and multi-purpose "must-have" apparel.
A pleasing gift idea!

KN Gerda scarf

Knitted scarf 180 cm * 22 cm in polyacr 46%, wool 30%, polyester 24%.…

KN Hekla

Fake fur tube scarf. Great match with Carla hat.

Material 60% acrylic and 40% polyester.…

Scarf 1450

French scarf. 100% cotton.

Size 180 x 60 cm.

Many color options…


Knitted waffle fabric scarf in wool blend.

Scarf is 50% wool and 50% acrylic. Wash gently in 30…

Amanda Christensen Scarf 164731

Winterscarf New Pure Wool.

Size 30cm x 180cm…

KN Nova

Tube scarf…

H&S Scarf L540

High quality wool scarf.

100 % lambswool.…

Erla Stripe Scarf

Erla of Sweden exclusive collection. Good-looking striped scarf.

Size 26cm x 160 cm 

100% Polyacryl…

HS scarf 12770

Beautifil scarf.…

HS scarf 39183

fashionable crinkle scarf…

HS scarf 12465

This scarf  size 200 * 25 cm…

H&S Scarf Kilt

Burberry style classic scarf. 

100% acrylic

Size: 29 x 180…

PD Hat Scarf

Lovely Scarf to fit with Curry-  or Anis-hats.
Handmade in Finland.
Size: about 12 cm x 150 cm
Material: 30…

Scarf Cenille

Scarf Cenille size 190 * 20 cm…

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